The View-5 Rebbeccas (New Video)

The View are a great young band from Dundee Scotland on 1965 Records. The band released their album Hats Off To The Buskers in 2007 that was recorded and produced by Owen Morris. Their album went right to #1 on the UK album charts. From the ramshackle pop nuggets like 'The Don' and 'Superstar Tradesman' to the razor-sharp melodies of the ska-inflected 'Skag Trendy' , they may be grounded in the gutters of Dundonian council estates but nonetheless gaze intently at the stars. Marrying the forked tongue wit and guttersnipe humor of The Libertines with the melodic nous of The Buzzcocks and Oasis, each one is a mini-anthem in waiting, and none more so than 'Superstar Tradesman's singalong tale of council-estate drudgery.
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