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In January 2008, The Coral announced that guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones would be leaving the band to follow solo endeavors. The band continues today as a 5-piece, and Bill has put together this album. It's been out a while, floating on random blogs, but I thought it should be shared. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a copy above 160kbps.

Bill Ryder-Jones-Film Music (2009)

1. She Played So Well
2. The Lemon Trees
3. Someone That You know
4. The Lemons Trees (Part Two)
5. Into My Room The Sun Came
6. Time Will Be The Only Saviour
7. The Last But One
8. Tonight We'll Light Your Candle
9. Venus And Three O'Clock
10. By Morning
11. A Place In The Grass
12. Suzanne
13. The Desperation Of
14. The Devil Look Over Lincoln

Check it our here.