Are the Executives Really Broke, or are the Broke Really Sales Executives?

On my way to the bank today I came across this gentleman. I immediately realized a few things. This sales exec was really in trouble before he lost his job. 1 week out of a job, shouldn't put you out of your home. The other thing that occurred to me, is that people are realizing that you can emulate a salesman to take advantage of people and take their money dishonestly. Either way, both are pretty sad. I am sympathetic to many that are losing their jobs, but I believe in balance. These people had been making money for years while others suffered. The truth about most is that in a few months, this too will pass, and these people will be back at it under another name that was recently bailed out by putting our economy deeper in the hole. The funny thing to me, is that the same people that don't want the government to interfere with their healthcare because it's 'Socialism', are the same that are happy when the government intervenes to make sure their investments are safe and sound. Both are socialized, the latter just hasn't been depicted the same by the folks over at Fox News.

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