Modernism At Risk

The World Monuments Fund has worked for decades to save endangered architectural and cultural sites around the globe, from the earliest settlements to 20th-century architecture. In recent years, they have increasingly noted that modern buildings face the same physical threats as ancient structures, despite a mistaken view that modern materials are less fragile than those used in earlier times. In addition, 20th-century architecture often suffers from a lack of understanding of its historical significance.

The Modernism at Risk initiative represents extraordinary—yet threatened—20th-century sites that transcend specific definitions, and brings advocacy and education to the forefront. Here are a few of the structures that are currently a focus of Modernism at Risk. For more information on the initiative and these and other amazing architectural finds please visit their web site.

Salk Institute

VDL Research House II

Joan MirĂ³ Foundation

International Fairground at Tripoli

A. Conger Goodyear House

Helsinki-Malmi Airport

Russakov Club

Schindler Kings Road House and Studio

Source: Design Mind

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