Santogold Covers The Jam's Pretty Green

I'm sure most people in the hip current-day pop world already know this, but this was news to me. I've noticed a trend in music recently, regardless of the genre to give tributes (or insults) to older English tracks. Mark Ronson who was part of this Jam track with Santogold, also did the unforgivable with his version of The Smiths' Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. Lethal Bizzle did a version of The Ruts' song Babylon's Burning, called Babylon's Burning the Ghetto. Either way, I think its both interesting and bad. Music has seem to hit a crossroads where different music is meshing like it hasn't in quite some time. This is a great thing for people that continue the exploration of music, but bad for the ears from where it stops.

To satisfy any curiosity...get a listen, you can check Santogold's version of The Jam's Pretty Green (below).

Weller Photo (above): The Jam Unseen: Photographs by Twink

MP3: Santogold-Pretty Green

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