MP3 Daily: It's Smoke Time

The Smoke-Its Smoke Time (1967)

1. My Friend Jack
2. Waterfall
3. You Can't Catch Me
4. High In A Room
5. Wake Up Cherylina
6. Don't Lead Me On
7. We Can Take It
8. If The Weather's Sunny
9. I Wanna Make It With You
10. It's Getting Closer
11. It's Just Your Way Of Lovin'
12. I Would If I Could But I Can't
13. Have Some More Tea
14. Victor Henry's Cool Book
15. Sidney Gill
16. It Could Be Wonderful
17. Keep A Hold Of What You've Got
18. She's A Liar
19. I Am Only Dreaming
20. Universal Vagrant
21. Dream Of Dreams
22. My Birth
23. Jack Is Back
24. That's What I Want
25. Playing With Magic
26. My Friend Jack (Alternate Take)

Check it out here @320(kbps)

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