MP3 Daily: The Rifles

This band has become my favourite band over the past few years. I was fortunate to see them 3 times in the US and hang with them a bit. Enjoy.

The Rifles-No Love Lost (2006)

1. She's Got Standards
2. Local Boy
3. Home Town Blues
4. Robin Hood
5. She's The Only One
6. One Night Stand
7. Peace & Quiet
8. Spend A Life Time
9. Repeated Offender
10. When I'm Alone
11. Narrow Minded Social Club

Check it out here @ 192(kbps)

The Rifles-The Great Escape (2009)

1. Science In Violence
2. The Great Escape
3. Fall To Sorrow
4. Sometimes
5. Toe Rag
6. History
7. Winter Calls
8. Out In The Past
9. Romeo & Julie
10. The General
l1. For The Meantime

Check it out here @ 192(kbps)

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