MP3 Daily: A French Kiss In The Chaos

I recently posted the video for Silence Is Talking, and alas, we have the album.

Reverend And The Makers- A French Kiss In The Chaos (2009)

1. Silence Is Talking
2. Hidden Persuaders
3. No Wood Just Trees
4. Professor Pickles
5. Long Long Time
6. No Soap (In A Dirty War)
7. Manifesto / People Shapers
8. Mermaids
9. The End
10. Hard Time For Dreamers

Check it our here @VBR(kbps)

You can also check out the 2007 release, The State Of Things, though I think this new one is much better.

Reverend And The Makers-The State Of Things (2007)

1. The State Of Things
2. The Machine
3. Heavyweight Champion Of The World
4. Bandits
5. Open Your Window
6. Sex With The Ex
7. 18-30
8. He Said He Loved Me
9. What The Milkman Saw
10. Sundown On The Empire
11. Miss Brown
12. Armchair Detective
13. God Is In The TV [Bonus Track]
14. Heavyweight Champion of The World (Club Mix)[Bonus Track]

Check it out here @VBR(kbps)

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