Oasis Free Exclusive Download

But not here...not yet.

Oasis are set to give away a new Liam Gallagher-penned song, 'I Believe In All', as a free download.

If you pre-ordered 'Dig Out Your Soul', from iTunes, will receive the song as a free download on October 6.

The song was recorded during the 'Dig Out Your Soul' sessions, but is not on the album or b-side (at this time).

Those who pre-order will also receive album track 'Falling Down' at the time of ordering.

Oasis have also announced that they will make a "simple" ten-track version of the album available to download for £5 when the album is released.

The full download version of the album will come with a half-hour documentary about the making of 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

Source: NME
Photo: C A R O ! on Flickr

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